Yin Yoga & Harp Journey

2 hours of cascading & melodic harp sounds, whilst guided through breath, asana and meditation.

  • 55 New Zealand dollars
  • Grey Lynn, Auckland

Service Description

Steph Butler and Christabel Ritson are joining forces to create a unique journey of harp & yin yoga. This event creates tranquil space to cultivate harmony and balance within. The flowing, gentle sound of the harp strings will follow your practice and encourage your nervous system to relax. It’s a live concert for you to enjoy the unique experience of an ancient instrument, whilst dropping into a yin yoga practice to nourish your nervous system. Yin yoga is a slow and calming style of yoga which specifically releases tension from deep fascia, encourages pranic flow and liberates emotional blockages. To allow this release, you are gently guided to journey your inner landscapes through breath, holds and meditation. The intention is to create a space where you feel safe, relaxed, and able to drop in to deep relaxation and nourish your nervous system. Steph Butler: I have played harp for 5 years, and instantly fell in love with its timbre and tranquility. I find it’s distinctive and enchanting sounds offer myself and others a sense of calm and wellbeing. Combining yoga and the harp feels a harmonious way to heal and ground the mind and body. I’m excited to create a space for people to experience this unique combination. Christabel Ritson: I’ve practiced yoga regularly for 7 years, and immediately felt the effects of connecting my breath and body in moments of peace and quiet. My specific love for yin yoga was sparked by a transformational yin yoga and sound journey, where I reached a spiritual realm I had never accessed before.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can not be made 7 days prior to any courses or events. If you can no longer attend, please find a friend or family member to swap out your relaxation place instead!