Nervous System Support

Feeling tired & wired? You're not the only one! The most common concerns in the clinic are feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Your nervous system does a wonderful job of pumping out lots of cortisol and adrenaline to ensure we get through our busy day however, prolonged sympathetic nervous system activation can cause damage to our body & mind. The nervous system, including the adrenal glands, love having rest, relaxation and lots of nourishment. Supporting your nervous system may look like:

  • Planning your schedule to include a slow morning, small breaks, time alone or a nature immersion.

  • Learning how to say 'no' to invites, work or demands which put stress on your mind and time.

  • Prioritising sleep - Aiming for a minimum of 8 hours

  • Consuming extra nutrients - Your adrenal glands LOVE vitamin C, B-vitamins & magnesium.

  • Herbal Medicine - A natural way to help adapt to acute & long term stress, by supporting adrenal function, calming busy thoughts and anxiety.

  • Including deep breathing, yoga & meditation into your day.

Adrenal Fatigue I experienced adrenal fatigue - First I adapted, then I felt wired but tired (very tired!), until my body literally stopped in its tracks, until I supported it properly. This happened through lifestyle alterations, herbal & nutrient support, more sleep and nourishing practices like meditation & yoga. This experience ignited a passion to help others prevent this condition, and support the re-nourishing and re-building of nervous system vitality! Looking After Yourself If you want action now, follow the links below to dive into some herbal medicine & weekly yin yoga classes I offer here at The Holistic Naturopath.

If you would like a more detailed plan of action, and my personal support, email me - I would love to help you. Wishing you well, Christabel

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